Restoration Massage

Do you prefer getting massages when the weather’s freezing cold or scorching hot?  I asked this question last week to some clients, curious of their preferences. I know for myself that I much prefer getting a massage when it’s cold outside. I love a toasty warm massage table and my dry, thirsty skin absorbs oil like a sponge. But walking out into 100-degree heat after being oiled up – YUCK. Thinking my clients might be [...]

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Four Tips to Improve Your Smartphone Photos

We are excited to welcome Cassie Sampson to the Education Destinations Inc. blog for a special guest post on improving smartphone photos. Thank you Cassie for your insight! I’m a fan of using a professional photography to showcase your massage therapy services on your marketing materials, but sometimes it isn’t always practical. Whether you’re introducing a new service, need an image for a social media promotion, or just don’t have the budget to hire a [...]

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Taking Us Seriously

Why do I continually encounter people who don’t take my profession seriously? Or who like to make a joke of it? “Are you still doing that massage thing?” – like it’s a passing phase in our life. “Dude, check her out!” – conventioneers elbowing each other as my massage therapist is doing chair massage (and I’ve heard much worse). “Oh that’s nice…” – then the business person at the Chamber of Commerce event scans past [...]

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Have chair, will travel

I get bored with the four walls of my massage room. I love my clients and my workspace, but I welcome a change from the daily routine whenever I can get it. Taking my massage chair out to another workplace or event gives me the fresh air I crave. Besides the need for variety in my massage practice, I’ve discovered several benefits of chair massage for myself and my clients: Supplements your massage income: Frequently, [...]

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Clients becoming friends

I have many clients who enjoy chatting with me during their massage. One long-time client is particularly fun to visit with. She has an upbeat, fun personality, she enjoys cooking and dining out, movies, books and travel, and she has a great husband and family. All traits that I enjoy and value with my best friends. One day recently we visited on the topic of my relationships with my clients and I told her that [...]

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How to find out what your client really wants.

In my practice, I have always had a set routine. When my client arrives, I have my clipboard and pen in hand with notes from previous sessions. I have a new SOAP chart and sometimes a body chart for my client and me to fill out. And I’m ready to fire off my regular list of questions and actions: What can I help you with today? How is the hip/neck/foot/ (fill in the body part) [...]

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The funniest thing happened during a massage today…

“The funniest thing happened during a massage today…” I’ve started several daily recaps with my wife with these words. Maybe because I’m a “glass half full” kind of person, I seem to always find humor in my surroundings. Whether it’s an interaction with a client or one of the massage therapists in my office, I can’t seem to keep a lid on the funny stuff. Laughing with a client is part of giving them a [...]

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